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Who We Are

Many people in the community donate their time and effort to plan, organize and run the Market. The Committee is comprised of 30 volunteers, each taking an active role in planning and executing one or more activities that is needed. The Committee is managed by a Board of Trustees, seven volunteers who serve a 3-year term and are elected by the Committee. The Board oversees major decisions and ensures the organization's mission and objectives are met.


At the end of each Market, the Board and Committee have the privilege to host the local charities who receive the funds generated form the Market. Since its inception, the Market has donated over $490,000 to the local Sussex County community, assisting 20 charities.


Sparkling Christmas lights and holiday music reaching across from every corner, surrounded by Christmas trees, authentic festive foods and vendors offering their trade to brighten your Holiday season. Join us at the Sussex County Fairgrounds Dec 6-8th 2024 to celebrate our 22nd annual market. Bring your family, friends and loved ones and let us provide you a joyous holiday experience.


The German Christmas Market at Sussex County was brought to life in 2001 by a small handful of volunteers desiring to recreate an authentic German Christmas Market, which they were familiar with, with the intention to raise funds for local Sussex County, NJ charities. Recognized as the largest annual Christmas Market in the State of New Jersey, and the only German Christmas Market in the USA, whose sole mission is to donate back into the community, it has become a fixture in the local region. Since 2013 has ranked The German Christmas Market Foundation, Inc. as one of the Top 10 things to do in December.


The German Christmas Market of NJ is comprised of 100% volunteers. All money collected through booth sales and the famous Cookie Hut is used to pay fees for services and the remaining is then donated to local charities. Several local businesses donate their time and services for free or at a reduced rate in order to make this magical event come to life each Christmas.


Sabine Watson   President

Susan Foy           Vice President

Catherine Kut     Historian

Judy Beelaert     Trustee

Sandra Meyer     Brand Designer

Dawnice LaFave Treasurer

Dan Sarnowski    Charities Chair

Karin Meyer        Trustee Emeritus / Founder

Gudrun Rank      Trustee Emeritus / Founder

All board and committee members are volunteers. The board of trustees and committee meet once a month throughout the year up to October when they begin to meet more regularly in preparation for the market. If you wish to learn more about becoming a committee member, please contact one of the committee members listed above, or contact the president or vice president of the board. Thank you!

German Market volunteers
German Market volunteers
German Market volunteers
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